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The following agreement is a membership agreement between a member of and Becoming a member to and marking the box indicates that you have read and accepted this text and agreed with all of the articles provided hereunder. For this reason, we recommend you not to mark the box prior to reading the following text very attentively. This agreement shall be effective as long as membership continues.
Terms of Use;
1. site is only for individuals over 13 years of age. Filling the membership form denotes that you declare you are over the age of 13.
2. membership is personal. is not responsible for any issues arising from lending or transferring of membership to third parties.
3.'s password is known only by its owner. Responsibility for the protection of the password belongs to the owner. is not liable for issues caused through the usage of the password.
4. Users who share their designs or clothes within the website content are considered to give insight to other users. assumes no responsibility should same designs and costumes be employed through other persons.
5. The brands users prefer while presenting their clothing bind the users. does not accept liability against any brand incident to false statements regarding presentations germane to any brand or content. However, false statements will be examined in accordance with claims received from companies or individuals and changes can be made vis a vis brands while same can be removed or the photos can be deleted without serving any further notification to users.
6. Control of the groups created within the website belongs to the administrator who has created that group. The administrator will decide to keep you within a group or to remove you out of that group. group reserves the right to intervene to the group content and remove and delete same in case of any complaint, dispute or inappropriate occurrence.
7. Should you receive inappropriate advertising messages (save those incident to fashion and clothing sector) please report foregoing to us. Thus, you will contribute to deletion of the membership of such people. Please do not respond to advertising messages and do not add such persons to your friends list. Otherwise shall not assume any responsibility.
8. Users can not implement sale or any other commercial transactions via (including designers and firms) to other users (including designers and firms). will not be responsible for the consequences (loss, damage, harm) of any sale or any other commercial transactions to be performed in spite of this prohibition. reserves the right to delete and remove such content without the need for receiving any approval.
9. No one save the company itself (including other companies, individuals and institutions) can open a company account on behalf of the company. Only companies have the right to create a 'company profile' on their behalf. Should any person open a company profile on behalf of a company foregoing shall be entitled to report the case to and will not be liable for the consequences (loss, damage, harm) to arise until then.
10. site members are not allowed to publish illegal information of any kind to constitute a crime, conflict with local and national laws or international agreements (contents with racism, bigotry or containing information about illegal activities creating hatred or harm against individuals or groups or contents violating intellectual property rights or privacy rights of 3rd parties and contents including any kinds of insults, profanity, crime, pornography, obscenity, etc.). is not responsible for content of such information should same be published.
11. reserves the right to delete the membership of parties publishing illegal or false content without warning and remove such contents and take any legal measures against publishers of such content.
12. shall not be held responsible for contents written through members in any fields reserved for comments or other fields within the website.
13. shall not be held responsible for contents of the websites for which links are provided or for those banner presentations are performed.
14. can be presented before the press or the internet environment regarding the website.
15. All rights of the software and designs in are reserved. It is prohibited to copy or use the software used to create the design and database of the website. does not accept any responsibility incident to legal disputes that may arise otherwise.
16. is not responsible in cases when the website is temporarily out of service due to technical problems (interruption, delay, etc.) and in cases of existence of problems such as interruption or delay in communication between members.
17. is not responsible of consequences arising from the conduct of its members, the contents, communications and interaction between members incident to losses, damages, injuries, death and etc.
18. has the right to follow up disputes between members, and delete the membership thereof without warning if necessary however it is not obliged to perform foregoing. Communication, interaction and relationship between members are entirely under the responsibility of the members themselves. is not responsible for any material or moral damages to arise from disagreements between the members.
19. members at any time may request the termination of their membership by email, through sending an e-mail to is not responsible for delays to take place during membership termination process.
20., can control or cancel any content element (private messages, photos or profile) that allows interaction between users due to violation of Membership Agreement or should same contain any offensive, illegal elements or elements threatening the security and rights of the members and can cancel the membership of such users without prior notification.
21., any time, has the right to charge a fee for use of the content within the website, for membership registration or continuation.
22. Articles contained in these pages can be changed at any time by by indicating such changes on this page.
23. Members hereby duly accept and agree that they will meet the losses of, its officials, agents and other employees for losses, claims and damages which may arise in the event of breach of this contract.

1. Profiles created in is open to all visitors as default. You can prevent the publication of these areas through privacy settings. Provision of private information in these areas depends on the member's personal preference. is not responsible for issues to arise from the publication of personal information.
2. All content and information shared in is your property and you can control the means of sharing such information through your privacy settings. is not responsible for any content you provide in your profile.
3. The contents you upload to are accessible through other users, services, third-party services and websites. You can make necessary limitations through privacy intervals by arranging the access of people whom you permit to see your content.
4. will take the necessary measures to prevent theft or access (in cases when privacy adjustments are made for other users) of all kinds of users contents added to the by others, however does not accept any responsibility when such a situation occurs.
5. Site members accept and agree that they have transferred all kinds of ownership rights of contents published on any accessible field of the website.
6. has the right to employ all kinds of information either added to the website through the members or in the database thereof by converting same to statistical information and using same in advertising and marketing field or employing foregoing in an amateur or professional way with an eye to ensure the development of the fashion sector and to determine the general trends of users of the website and enrich its content and services.
7. shall not be held responsible for press publication or electronic publishing of accessible areas of the website.