Voguedrobe.com, is a social network established with an eye to provide the registered members of the site the opportunity to share the daily, instant and general personal clothing preferences thereof with other users who are also members through virtue of photographs, images, texts, videos or via links from other sites.
As a result of cited sharing the members:
- will be able to give correct decisions as to clothing preferences thereof,
- will be determined incident to their clothing preferences by virtue of other users’ comments and scores whenever they are in doubt,
- will acquire information vis a vis the reflection of people and other parties incident to their clothing preferences,
- will provide information germane to clothing preferences of people in their social circle.
Sharing daily clothing preferences in Voguedrobe.com is intertwined with users’ interest to fashion throughout the world. In this way, a public opinion is created pertaining to the development, processes and requirements of the fashion sector. Cited public opinion is followed through professionals within the industry. Companies and creators can access all kinds of information respecting fashion-related consumption via voguedrobe.com. In this way, voguedrobe.com aims to be the most important factor to influence the sector with regard to world fashion. Membership to the site can be performed in 3 different ways.
-Personal Users; You will basically, publish photographs of the clothes you wear, and receive comments and scores. You can publish photographs of all the clothes in your wardrobe, create your personal combinations, comments and receive comments and scores from other users. You may establish groups, partake in established groups and strive to be the most stylish person among the members in these groups.
-Personal Fashion Designers: In addition to activities performed through personal users you can present the clothes you have designed or intend to design to users in the site and thus be able to receive comments, scores and most importantly opinions. In this way, you can immediately monitor the level of reflections to your ideas.
-Companies: All companies in the fashion sector will enjoy a company page subsequent to their subscription to voguedrobe.com. The companies thus will be able to present the users all collections created thereby throughout the year on this page (by photos, images, texts, e-catalogs and in video format) and make their publicity. They may receive comments and scores should they wish so.
Briefly, voguedrobe.com is a fashion-oriented social network where individuals, fashion designers and companies can share their inclinations and ideas through adding all kinds of visual materials, photographs, images, texts, videos and links from other sites.